Typical Power Consumption.

Typical power consumption of home appliances

The following chart may serve as a guideline for estimating generator capacity required on a residential installation. The chart illustrates power consumption of home appliances based on industry averages. These values should be verified against the product manual for the specific appliance(s) in question. It is also recommended that a certified electrician review this data for accuracy. You may print this form and fill in your actual values for calculation of kiloWatt (kW) requirements. Note: Appliances marked with "*" may consume up to 2.5 times the listed wattage during start-up.

Appliance Avg. Watt Consumption Actual Installation
Air Conditioner (single room)* 850
Clothes Dryer* 4,850
Coffee Maker 1,200
Computer 600
Dehumidifier 250
Dishwasher 1,200
Fan 350
Freezer (16.5 cu.ft.)* 450
Heater Fan 500
Heater (element type) 1,350
Humidifier 200
Microwave Oven 1,450
Refrigerator (17.5 cu.ft.)* 750
Electric Stove 1,000
Television Set 150
Clothes Washer* 500
Water Heater 2,500
Security System 250
Submersible Pump (electric)* 750
Well Pump 1,000
Pool Heater 1,500
Light Bulb (10 at 100 watt ea.) 1,000