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National Electrical Code 2017 Provisions 700.3(F) Temporary Source of Power for Maintenance or Repair of the Alternative Source of Power & 700.10(D)(3) Generator Control Wiring
DSC Written Review of NEC 2017 Provisions
NEC 2017 Provision 700.3(F) Presentation
NEC 700.3(F) Compliance Alert Letter Template

Standard-rated (80%) vs. 100% Rated Circuit Breakers in Power Temp Systems Generator Docking Stations  
How can I determine if I need an 80 or 100% rated breakers for a generator docking station?
Why would I need a 100% rated breaker in the docking station?
Why do we have 80% & 100% rated breakers?
Davidson Sales Company – Power Temp Systems – 80% (standard-rated) vs. 100% Rated Isolation Circuit Breakers in Docking Stations


COVID-2019 Pandemic Response July 2020

Like everyone else, we continue to monitor this never-ending Coronavirus situation.  Like you, our goal is to protect the health and safety of our employees, their families, and our customers.  Our Outside Sales team has resorted to online video presentations to stay in front of customers with new products and changing industry codes.  Some members of our Inside Sales team have made the transition and learned to work seamlessly from home.  The way we conduct business has changed, but we are open and will continue pursing all business opportunities. 

To that end, we are responding to quote requests and maintaining our inventory.  We continue to offer daily Monday thru Friday shipments with common carriers and allow customers in the area to pick up parts and components at our parts counter and loading dock.  We are here for you (product questions, quote requests, process orders, acknowledge orders and provide troubleshooting) and that hasn’t changed.  Business as usual is our objective for moving thru this situation.

We are still available by phone, but we offer the email address list below as an alternative method to contact us.  

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COVID-19 Florida Projections

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Davidson Sales Co Power Generation Distributors: Sales / Parts / Supplies, Manufacturer Of Panelsource Generator Metering Panels.