Exhaust System Design.

How to design silencer installation when building gen-sets inside enclosures?

Silencer installation is sometimes a concern in enclosure-mounted generators due to space and radiated heat restrictions. For this type of application, Maxim has designed a space-conserving radial design specifically engineered to provide a high degree of attenuation in a low profile size. Typical attenuation ranges from 28-36 dB'A' depending on Critical or Super Critical models.

A disk silencer is also available in a "Cool" grade which features 2" of compressed thermal acoustical insulation inserted between the double shell construction. This construction will reduce the silencer's surface temperature to approximately 150F to 160F from 220F typical of non-Cool grade.

As an added feature, these silencers are optionally available with an aluminized steel or stainless steel construction and can also be supplied with dual inlet configuration. If you would like more info on this design, simply call us and ask for information on the Maxim disk silencer.

Shown below is a disk silencer, customized for dual inlets and single exhaust. This picture shows the silencer equipped with optional thermal insulation wrap to minimize heat radiation inside the enclosure.